Joint development

Seskarö Trails – A Spira Mare funded LEADER project

Leader is a development method that has existed within the EU since the early 1990s. It is about coming together in an area and making a plan/strategy for how you want to work with developing the countryside economically.

Partial financing comes from the municipalities that are part of the area, the Swedish state and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. In addition, each project must have private co-financing, for example in the form of reduced working hours or other resources. LEADER translates to “Cooperative measures that work to develop the rural economy.

The Seskarö Trails project is made possible through grants and funding through Spira Mare 2000 with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, as well as public and private funds. The success factor is partnership and commitment, as well as a shared vision of a thriving countryside.

Seskarö Trails has a vision of becoming northern Sweden's funnest outdoor arena and an attractive and easily accessible alternative for memorable nature experiences in the coastal region.
We want to make nature on Seskarö and in the Haparanda Archipelago accessible to as many people as possible and promote an active family and outdoor life in the region for both the local population, visitors and international tourists. The project will create the conditions for easily accessible and memorable nature experiences through the establishment of trails and infrastructure, as well as through analog and digital information material.

Nature experiences that suit most people

Mountain tourism and trail cycling in Sweden are usually aimed at more experienced individuals and outdoor enthusiasts. We see the need for outdoor activities at a less advanced level, but in equally magnificent nature.
Seskarö has the potential for just this. Nature lovers, active outdoor people, families with children, people and groups with special needs and everyone who does not have the experience or time for a big mountain adventure should have the opportunity for memorable nature experiences. Therefore, we want to establish an open-air arena that suits most people.

Leads for many purposes

Seskarö Trails today consists of approximately 30 km of marked trails.
The project will develop the outdoor arena Seskarö Trails and establish approximately 50 km of new trails and around ten rest areas and associated infrastructure during 2022 and 2023.

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Outdoor events for everyone

The implementation of outdoor events and competitions will be the basis for disseminating information about the trails on a national and international level.
Seskarö Trailrun will be organized in June 2022 and 2023 to market the newly established trails. Seskarö Trail's members arrange excursions for the public, to create more opportunities to discover Seskarö's wonderful nature.
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