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Seskarö Trails is an outdoor area created by outdoor enthusiasts, exercisers and anyone who wants to experience the wonderful nature of the Haparanda archipelago and Seskarö.

The work on trail development and marking of the first trails began in 2019. Today there are 30 km of marked trails within the Seskarö Trail's outdoor area, several kayak trails, rest areas and a tip round. A work that many helpful hands have contributed to make nature on Seskarö accessible to everyone.

The Seskarö Trails association works to develop and maintain trails on Seskarö and the surrounding area. Our outdoor events and competitions will promote exercise and attract people out into nature, as well as spread knowledge about the trails and nature on Seskarö Trails.


Vision of Seskarö Trails

We want to make Seskarö Trails northern Sweden's most enjoyable outdoor area with trails and activities for everyone. The trails must be easily accessible, adapted to different activities and suitable for everyone.

The goal is to mark new trails, establish rest areas with fireplaces and firewood, and continuously improve access to information and tour suggestions. Seskarö Trails will become an obvious alternative for outdoor enthusiasts, families with children and nature lovers in the coastal region. We want as many people as possible to have access and the opportunity to experience the fantastic nature of the Haparanda archipelago.

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Do you want to support Seskarö Trails and help make the vision of Seskarö Trails a reality? Do you love hiking or cycling in the forest or do you want a better range of outdoor activities in the region? Then you must become a member of the Seskarö Trails association.

Everyone is welcome to the Seskarö Trails association. We hope to be many to be able to create something really good together. Regardless of where you are geographically, if you are a Seskarö resident or a summer guest, if you want to actively participate in our work efforts or simply support the association with your contribution, your contribution will make a difference!

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Are you interested in becoming a partner or sponsor?

Does your company operate in the region and do you think that exercise and access to nature is a right that everyone should have? Does your company want to contribute to developing the local outdoor industry and be visible in connection with Seskarö Trail's arrangements? Then you should become a partner or sponsor of Seskarö Trails.

We welcome sponsors to our events! You can choose a sponsor level that suits your company. As a partner of Seskarö Trails, you contribute directly to the development of our trails and help us create northern Sweden's most enjoyable outdoor area.

Seskarö Trailrun

Yes, of course you must become a member of the Seskarö Trails association.

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