Certainly Seskarö's best paddle trip for the whole family. You start in Tromsöviken, from the lovely sandy beach you go out into the shallow bay with its lovely water. It is easy to take turns or to watch as the siblings or parents adventure around the bay. For those who dare, there are some smaller islands a little further away or you want to explore the fir coves.

Kayaks are available for rent at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping.

From Seskarö Havsbad & Camping there is a trail, you cycle clockwise north where you follow yellow markings. The trail goes through changing forest landscapes, technical sections alternate with unforgettable single trails and fun forest roads. You cycle past the bathing spot Matinjärvi, over open areas and in the tracks of the reindeer. The tour is suitable for anyone who has cycled through forest and terrain before with a mountain bike.

Mountain bikes are available for rent at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping. Here you can also wash the bike after the ride.

You paddle past summer cottages and small islands teeming with seabirds. Step ashore on the island of Liippa and enjoy the view of the Seskarö Bridge. From here, it's just a few strokes and you'll arrive at this wonderful landmark.

Kayaks are available for rent at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping at the tour's starting point in Tromsöviken.

Then Tallstigen is the trail you should choose. The tour starts at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping and follows blue markings. Through open pine forests and lush forests, along gravel roads and with the archipelago in view, the tour leads.

Armed with binoculars on quiet soles, the tour goes along winding paths and past cozy glades. With a little luck and patience, you will meet deer or reindeer. But surely you will see Seskarö's forests from their finest side.

Then the Familjeslingan is the perfect trail for you. You cycle or hike mostly on forest roads or on asphalt, on a tour through the island's finest pine forests. The loop is suitable for regular bikes, but more fun on a mountain bike. Attach the bike trailer or go for a long walk with the baby or jogging stroller.

Bicycles are available for rent at the grocery store on the island. You can rent a mountain bike with bicycle trailer or child seat at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping.

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