10 June 2023

When: 10 June 2023
Where: Seskarö Sea Bath & Camping
Registration: No later than June 8, 2023
Late registration: On site subject to available start numbers
Entry fee: Children from SEK 49 | Adults from SEK 299


Friday 9/6 - Registration – 17:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10/6 - Competition day – 08:00 - Registration opens and start numbers are collected no later than 30 minutes before the start.

Start times:

Children's trail run 500m - at 09:30

Children's Trail round 1000m - at 10:00

Children's Trail Run 2000m - at 10:30

Seskarö Trailrun 3km - at 11:00

Seskarö Trailrun 7km - at 13:00

Seskarö Trailrun 13km - at 2.30pm


Now we kick off the summer with a running competition for the whole family. Here, the joy of running is in focus. Welcome to Seskarö Trailrun.

We aim for the Seskarö Trailrun to be the most enjoyable race of the year, offering courses for everyone, regardless of experience or age. We want to create an opportunity that attracts as many people out into nature and to exercise as possible. After last year's success, we are now charging for Seskarö Trailrun 2023 and will also be part of Trailrunning Sweden Trailtour 2023.

Seskarö Trailrun aims to spread knowledge about Seskarö's fine trails and beautiful nature and helps support trail development and maintenance. More people should find here nature, life in the archipelago and a life in motion.


Registration and payment takes place via the race's registration page at https://raceid.com/sv/races/9640/about


Participants can pick up their starting numbers starting Friday 9/6 between 17:00 and 20:00 and Saturday 10/6 from 08:00 at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping. Start numbers are collected no later than 30 minutes before the start. No refund of the entry fee in case of missed registration.

Shower and toilet:

There are toilets adjacent to the target area. Seskarö Havsbad & Camping has a limited number of showers. Hot water cannot be guaranteed during the race day. We recommend an after-race dip in the sea.


Accommodation options on Seskarö are available at Seskarö Havsbad & Camping. Booking via www.seskarohavsbad.se

Seskarö Trailrun

Yes, they are ready, you should register for the Seskarö Trailrun on June 10!

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